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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Conduct Unbecoming

If this video is genuine, it is way beyond disgusting, and those involved deserve the full weight of Marine Corps justice:

Military Officials Investigate Purported Puppy Abuse Internet Shock Video

HONOLULU — Military officials are investigating an Internet video that purports
to show a Marine throwing a puppy off a rocky cliff.

Maj. Chris Perrine of the Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe, Hawaii says it appears the man is a lance corporal based with a unit in the islands.

Marine officials are calling the YouTube video "shocking and deplorable" and say it violates "the high standard we expect of every Marine."

Even if the video is a 'joke,' if Marines are involved, I'm sure they're going to have a lot to answer for.

Fox News has the story here; the video has been removed from YouTube.

Unfortunately, the reality is that under most criminal justice standards, animal cruelty is woefully undersentenced. However, if this is a U.S. Marine, and if this is genuine, I'm sure the Corps will have a whole lot to say about the conduct displayed.

On the flip-side, if this is not genuine - and this would certainly not be out of bounds for those who seek to malign our troops - anyone who would make such a video to malign the Corps should have a big slice of justice pie headed at 'em, too.

You can read the Marine Corps' statement, and there is an edited version of the video, over at

Saw the whole video, unfortunately. Won't post it or link to it here. It does not look like it's a fake - the only question is whether these are actually Marines. If they are, I hope they're going to be doing a lot less smiling than they were on that video once their superiors get a hold of them.

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